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A disaster can be anything, depending on for who what extreme is the damage. Let’s not think about natural disasters like floods, hurricanes or earthquakes as they are not in our hands, but man-made disasters can be dealt with. The world of servers also has its disasters that are no less of an earthquake for a business.

IT-Disaster Recovery and Offsite Backup

If you have a server network, then these are some of the most common disasters you can and will encounter in your business:

  • Server components will fail to respond, like hard drives,SDD,HDD,CD etc.
  • Hacker Intrusions.
  • Corruption or accidental loss of vital data.
  • Theft, Sabotaging acts.
  • Water damage due to sprinklers after fire alert.
  • Natural disaster.

If you think none of this can happen to my server, think again, no one can predict time and god forbid if any one of the above happens your business will suffer drastically. Even when you will want to claim insurance you will be backed up weeks because your information is inadequate, after all it was in the server.

Replication Backups

Technology is improving daily and server technology is no difference. The latest breed of backup is data replication software, which offers:

  • Continuous updated backup of your vital data on a remote site giving you minimum loss of data under any disaster
  • Being disk-based, the risks are less, more reliable and less time in restoring data

With the fast pace of life everything is required within fraction of time even data and having data available at your fingertips is next to heartbeat for many business. You can improve your ongoing disaster recovery plan and choose our replication Backup Service that offers offsite backup as it protects your data in real time, keeping all your vital data safe and secure on an offsite location.Call now Bafflesinc Technician to start-up:+1-858-222-1472

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