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Firewalls and Internet Security

While the internet is a wonderful place full of useful information, entertainment, and business opportunities, it’s unfortunately also a place where the criminal element can flourish. Every day, hackers, scam artists, and others are working hard to gain access to private computers. Some of them are looking for data for identity theft, while others are merely interested in using your machine as a proxy for their own illegal activities. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Bafflesinc techs understand the complexities of online security, and can help walk you through the entire process of making your home network secure.

Software or Hardware Firewall Solutions

The best way to protect your home network from intruders is to have a strong firewall set up. Our techs can help explain your options for firewalls, from software that you install on your computer to physical devices you connect to your network. We can install any hardware or software you require, and configure your network properly to ensure that there are no back doors to your system.

Internet Filters

When you’re dealing with a home network, many times there will be users who would benefit from filtering software. Whether you’re hoping to keep your children away from the shady corners of the internet or you simply don’t want to accidentally wind up on a website with inappropriate material, internet filters are a great way to help keep the bad parts of the internet away from your home network. Configuring these programs can sometimes be very difficult, as you want to strike the correct balance between allowing appropriate content while blocking offensive, so let our techs help you sort out the nuances.

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